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By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Board on Mathematical Sciences and Their Applications

Mathematical sciences play a key function in lots of vital parts of place of origin protection together with info mining and snapshot research and voice attractiveness for intelligence research, encryption and decryption for intelligence amassing and computing device defense, detection and epidemiology of bioterriost assaults to figure out their scope, and knowledge fusion to investigate details coming from concurrently from numerous assets. This file offers the result of a workshop targeting mathematical tools and methods for addressing those parts. The objective of the workshop is to assist mathematical scientists and coverage makers comprehend the connections among mathematical sciences study and those place of origin safeguard purposes.

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You can do these topics as though, you know, you have a topic; you have just standard information retrieval processes that get you started here. Next slide, please? Okay, so, one problem that comes up here that we run into is how are we going to visualize all of this stuff. So, you make a probability distribution up for everyone and then you are trying to track everyone. Is there any useful information you get out about what is going on out there in the world using all those probability distributions that you have collected?

That has been the main focus and the main success so far in data mining, and of course, stretching a little bit of course 25 document search over 26 large corpora like web and library search engines have obviously been very successful. Now, homeland security problems if you look at them are very similar qualitatively to many of the commercial applications. They are of the same kind but in my view at least are different in degree because I think they are much harder and here are the reasons why I think they are much harder.

The different rooms look like all that is Now, if it is changing too quickly you have no hope of tracking it, but on the other hand most things don't change too quickly. So, the hope is that you can evolve the probability distribution as time goes on. 41 42 So, what we want to do is to track those probability distributions. Okay, now, these bulletin boards and chatrooms, there are lots of them out there. There are at least 35,000 web sites that support specialty forums, and some of those yahoo, right?

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