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By Lucio Di Jasio

*Just months after the advent of the recent new release of 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, a Microchip insider and acclaimed writer takes you by means of hand on the exploration of the PIC32 *Free CD-ROM contains resource code in C and the Microchip MPLAB C32 compiler *Includes convenient checklists to aid readers practice the commonest programming and debugging initiatives

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The sequence of events is actually pretty long and complex, but it is mainly composed of two steps: 1. Compiling. o) is generated. This file is not yet a complete executable. Though most of the code generation is complete, all the addresses of functions and variables are still undefined. In fact this is also called a relocatable code object. If there are multiple source files, this step is repeated for each one of them. 2. Linking. The linker is invoked and a proper position in the memory space is found for each function and each variable.

4: MPLAB IDE Watch window. 14 Day 1 5. Observe the contents of the PORTA register; it should be cleared (all zeroes) at reset. 6. Also notice that a large green arrow has appeared right next to the first opening curly bracket of the main function. It points at the part of our code that is going to be executed next. 7. Now, since we need to learn to walk before we “run,” let’s use the (Step (Step In) buttons in the Debugger toolbox, or the Debugger | Over) or the Step In and Debugger | Step Over commands from the main menu, to execute the one and only statement in our first program.

In the 8-bit architectures it was up to the user to assign the correct direction to each pin, even when a peripheral module required its use. By default, pins multiplexed with “analog” inputs are disconnected from their “digital” input ports. This explains what was happening during our last attempt. All PortB pins of the PIC32 are, by default at power-up, assigned an analog input function; therefore, reading the PORTB register returns all 0s. Notice, though, that the output latch of PortB has been correctly set, although we cannot see it through the PORTB register.

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