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Publishing in tandem with the long-awaited liberate of personal home page 6, this publication finds the interior scoop for pushing the boundaries of the way to maximise the entire function set of personal home page 6. You’ll how you can use personal home page 6 within the better scheme of enterprise-class software program improvement and functional examples and behind-the-scenes details will increase your talents for designing and development greater large-scale, high-performance systems utilizing personal home page 6.

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For example, if you were designing an application that needed to calculate the area of different geometric shapes, you might have classes called Rectangle and Triangle. Both of these shapes are polygons, and as such these classes will inherit from a parent class called Polygon. The Polygon class will have a property called numberOfSides and a method called getArea. All polygons have a calculable area; however, the methods for calculating that area can be different for different types of polygons.

Others are not accessible and are strictly for internal housekeeping. For example, if the Car class needed to get information from a database for whatever reason, it might keep a database connection handle in an internal member variable. This database connection handle is obviously not a property of the car, but rather something the class needs to carry out certain operations. Protecting Access to Member Variables As the previous example shows, you can set the value of the name property to just about anything you want — including an object, an array of integers, a file handle, or any other nonsensical value.

Only objects can. You must use the blueprint to build the house before you can give it wallpaper or vinyl siding. Similarly, you must instantiate an object from the class before you can interact with its properties or invoke its methods. Classes are manipulated at design time when you make changes to the methods or properties. Objects are manipulated at run-time when values are assigned to their properties, and their methods are invoked. The problem of when to use the word class and when to use the word object is something that often confuses those new to OOP.

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