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By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, H. T. Willetts

Some of the most chilling novels concerning the oppression of totalitarian regimes and the 1st to open Western eyes to the terrors of Stalin's criminal camps; if Solzhenitsyn later grew to become Russia's judgment of right and wrong in exile, this can be the booklet with which he first challenged the brutal may possibly of the Soviet Union.

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In the same way that codes of re®nement could act to empower as well as to disempower women, and to relax gender boundaries as well as to reinforce these, the `civilizing process' had ambiguous e€ects in the area of class di€erentiation. At one level, the emphasis on cultivation as the end result of hard work, of learning, was inimical to pomposity about ancient lineage. '48 This appreciation began to make headway in Russia during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and during the second half of the nineteenth century began to alter the attitudes of the privileged to those at the bottom of society too.

Introduction xliii Russia is an open one. Professional authors of advisory materials only began to emerge in the mid-nineteenth century, and the tradition was barely established before the Soviet government imposed arti®cial homogeneity in the form of strict publishing controls (which meant that only those occupying some ocial role, at the very least a teacher or doctor, were able to exercise their pens as advisory authors). So, while writers such as Isabella Beeton or Emily Post have their Russian equivalents (Ekaterina Avdeeva, Elena Molokhovets, and Kleopatra Svetozarskaya), such ®gures are less common than it might seem they ought to be on the basis of a straightforward comparison with the West.

M. Ryklin, `Tela terrora: tezisy k logike nasiliya', Bakhtinskii sbornik 1 (1990), 60±76). However, Bakhtin's decision to complete and publish his book in the 1960s, when de-Stalinization was in full swing, suggests that, at the very least, the writer's attitude towards this myth was ambivalent. 1. `The Shameless Man'. Popular print, after 1750 (taken from a French original by P. N. Chuvaev). The Shameless Man takes revenge on table-companions who have rebuked him for not using a fork by defecating in their bedroom, so that they get a scolding from the inn-keeper (`Get up, you swine!

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