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Professional suggestions at the Chemistry SAT topic try out many schools and universities require you to take a number of SAT II topic assessments to illustrate your mastery of particular highschool topics. McGraw-Hill's SAT topic attempt: Chemistry is written via specialists within the box, and provides you the information you wish practice at your most sensible. This e-book contains: Full-length pattern assessments Diagnostic tests to aid scholars pinpoint strengths and weaknesses thousands of questions with entire factors step by step experiences of all subject matters lined in every one examination suggestions to assist scholars get their top rating

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This leads to an answer of SO2. 38. C The total molar mass of this compound is 100. The nonmetals, one hydrogen atom, one carbon atom, and three oxygen atoms have a total mass of 61. Therefore, the nonmetals make up 61% of the total mass. 39. A Boiling and freezing point are affected most by a solution that contains the greatest number of particles. 6 molal. This is greater than any of the other choices. 40. E Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), iodine crystals, and naphthalene (mothballs) all sublime and change from solid to gas phase without any apparent liquid phase.

115. T, T, CE Lithium is a metal and will lose electrons, undergoing the process of oxidation. Any substance that has been oxidized can be considered to be a reducing agent. 26. 5 gives us two moles of NaCl. 500 L (M = moles/liters) which gives a concentration of four molar. Using the equation M1V1=M2V2, if the volume of the solution is doubled the concentration of the solution will be halved. This gives a final answer of 2 M NaCl(aq). 27. B In this molecule there is one triple bond. The first bond of the triple bond is a sigma bond, the other two bonds of the triple bond are called pi bonds.

Which one of the following demonstrates a decrease in entropy? (A) Dissolving a solid into solution (B) An expanding universe (C) Burning a log in a fireplace (D) Raking up leaves into a trash bag (E) Spilling a glass of water 42. Which of the following substances is/are liquid(s) at room temperature? I. Hg II. Br2 III. Si (A) I only (B) II only (C) I and II only (D) II and III only (E) I, II, and III 37. A compound’s composition by mass is 50% S and 50% O. What is the empirical formula of this compound?

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