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The attack was not regarded as an attack on the United States in the context of the traditional model of war. S. Embassies in East Africa and the USS Cole were treated as separate incidents rather than a continuing state of hostilities. C. and Florida that followed 9/11, there was considerable uncertainty as to whether the attack was another al Qaeda attack to be met with military force or one by home-grown terrorists to be met by local, state, and federal police forces. Lewis, Bernard. From Babel to Dragomans.

In theory, in battle the side with the least chaos and confusion (entropy) will succeed. In fact, this is demonstrated on a grand scale in General Tommy Franks’ planning for Operation Iraqi Freedom in which speed and maneuver were consciously substituted for mass to the discomfort of many armchair generals. ” Franks, General Tommy, USA. American Soldier. New York, NY: Regan Books. 2002. pp. 393-394. 7 This is to say that the actions the naval forces undertook—movements, reinforcement, and demonstrations8—had to achieve a psychological effect that would shape the behavior of a wide variety of observers from those in the Kremlin to those in European and East Asian capitals, local allies, and would-be foes.

15 However, wherever such challengers could somehow minimize their reliance on targetable means, for example by blending insurgents and guerrillas in with a local population, they could largely negate great power physical attrition efforts and force an effects-based war focused on psychological attrition. 16 Because there is no prospect of effective retaliation against such a foe and thus no prospect of stable deterrence, these foes threaten the survival of the great powers and the international system.

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