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This moment version of a regular numerical research textual content keeps association of the unique variation, yet all sections were revised, a few generally, and bibliographies were up-to-date. New subject matters coated contain optimization, trigonometric interpolation and the quick Fourier rework, numerical differentiation, the strategy of traces, boundary worth difficulties, the conjugate gradient procedure, and the least squares ideas of platforms of linear equations. comprises many difficulties, a few with strategies.

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2 59 Newton's method. Newton's method is the best known procedure for finding the roots of an equation. It has been generalized in many ways for the solution of other, more difficult nonlinear problems, for example, systems of nonlinear equations and nonlinear integral and differential equations. It is not always the best method for a given problem, but its formal simplicity and its great speed often lead it to be the first method that people use in attempting to solve a nonlinear problem. 1), we use a Taylor series development.

N (a) 1 32. 1 2:--:1 n (b> 1 L~ 1 J n (c) 1 I: -:J 1 J n ( (d) -1)j 2:-. J Consider the product a 0 a 1 ••• am, where a 0 , a 1, ••• , am are m + 1 numbers stored in a computer that uses n digit base fJ arithmetic. Define Pi= fl(a 0 a 1 ), p 2 = fl(a 2 p 1 ), p 3 = fl(a 3 p 2 ), ... , Pm = fl(amPm- 1 ). If we write Pm = a0 a1 ••• am(! + w), determine an estimate for w. Assume that a; = fl (a;), i = 0, 1, ... , m. What is a rigorous bound for w? What is a statistical estimate for the size of w?

9. 10. 11. 18). 17) is a vector norm, restricting yourself to the n = 2 case. 21). For simplicity, consider only matrices of order 2 X 2. Convert the following numbers to their decimal equivalents. 101010101 ... AAAA ... 00011001100110011 ... h (f) (11 ... 1h with the parentheses enclosing n 1s. (c) To convert a positive decimal integer x to its binary equivalent, 46 ERROR: ITS SOURCES, PROPAGATION, AND ANALYSIS begin by writing Based on this, use the following algorithm. (i) (H) x 0 == x; j == 0 While x 1 =I= 0, Do the following: a 1 ==-Remainder of integer divide x/2x1+ 1 ==Quotient of integer divide x/2 j :=j + 1 End While The language of the algorithm should be self-explanatory.

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