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H o r t o n , Avith eyes s t a r t i n g out of their heads, argue whether t h e gentleman (or lady) diver into a 6-ft. t a n k or t h e toreador a t 30 MANAOS T O L I M A a bull-fight, have t h e greatest skill a n d n e r v e . The Captain makes m a n y i n o p p o r t u n e r e m a r k s , a n d we tell him he m u c h resembles t h e G e r m a n E m p e r o r ! The trees a n d scenery along t h e b a n k s are much t h e same, b u t Ave notice p a r t i c u l a r l y a tree Avith a bare black-looking t r u n k .

50 MANAOS T O L I M A The water is still falling ; Captain Good t h i n k s a b o u t 21 ft. b y noAv, b u t it m a y rise a little again before going doAvn still farther. This afternoon Ave saAv h u n d r e d s a n d h u n d r e d s of aigrettes rise from a m a r s h y piece of bank, looking like a g r e a t cloud of beautiful snoAv-flakes. A n o t h e r gorgeous sunset. M. ; still no sign of t h e Elisa. April 7 : W e Avoke u p opposite Massisea. I t is a very small place, only a feAv houses, a good m a n y cattle, a n d I c o u n t e d eight horses.

Many people come a n d sec us off a n d drink c h a m p a g n e — t h e Prefect, t h e Sub-Prefect. Mr. Cazes, Mr. Norden, M. Sourrisse a n d seAeral others. At last t h e Elisa starts, n o t Avithout five lady passengers, m u c h to our consternation, b u t it t u r n s IQUITOS TO BOCCA PACHITEA 47 out t h a t they arc only going a little Avay up, Avith Captain Good's permission. A poor woman, Avith a clean Avhite frock, Avanted to get to Lima, and offered herself as my maid if Ave Avould take her.

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