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3. Describe the houses of the typical secondgeneration of New Englanders. 29 © Milliken Publishing Company Governing New England W freemen elected these magistrates each year. But the freemen remained dissatisfied with this system. And their political power was limited because they lived so scattered from one another. To help remedy this problem, it became the tradition for each Puritan town and village to send two men to the General Court, called deputies. Such men could sit in on the meetings of the General Court.

In 1666, London had experienced a violent and destructive fire that had destroyed much of the city. Penn was probably thinking of this tragedy when he organized Philadelphia. Even as the streets were laid out, he ordered that the most noble and handsome-looking trees be retained to help make the city more beautiful. To attract would-be merchants and shopkeepers, Penn wrote: “Your city-lot is a whole street . . that by God’s blessing . . will naturally grow in . . reputation and profit. ” Such efforts by Penn succeeded.

In 1633, some Plymouth residents established a settlement they called Windsor, situated on the river, about 40 miles from Long Island Sound. Three years later, additional colonists came from the Massachusetts Bay Colony and settled in Windsor,Wethersfield, and Hartford, all located close to one another on the Connecticut. By 1637, these townspeople formed a government that included a governor, assistants, and nine representatives, three from each town. Their written constitution was called the Fundamental Orders and it was adopted in 1639.

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