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By Tony Duff, Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje

Alchemy of achievement: directions of Mountain Dharma, middle tips at the perform Expressed in an Easy-to-Understand method by way of Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje

Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje used to be one of many nice masters of the Nyingma culture who lived through the 1900’s. At one time, he used to be requested to offer the elemental directions for excellent finishing touch (Dzogpa Chenpo) perform to the contributors of a 3 yr 3 month retreat that had simply begun. His discourse used to be recorded in writing and integrated in his gathered Works. The textual content of his discourse has develop into one other of the different texts that experience develop into vitally important for and are used usually to provide the instructing on Thorough lower (Tregcho) of innermost Dzogchen. It has develop into well known not just within the Dudjom lineage yet in Nyingma traditions more often than not as a result of its awfully transparent and easy-to-understand clarification that comes correct from the center and is going instantly to the heart.

The textual content includes complete info of Thorough lower perform defined in a manner that's really easy to appreciate yet which doesn't steer clear of any of the original and gorgeous technical language of the process. here's a small quote from the e-book. it really is what he says to the retreatants simply after he has given the advent (sometimes referred to as mentioning guideline) to them:
“With that, we now have made the brain of Samantabhadra blaze forth for us in direct belief and what may be extra relaxing? This itself is the center of the six million, 400 thousand tantras of serious of completion, that are the last word of all the eighty-four thousand dharma lots exclusive by means of the Conqueror. there is not any extra celestial vacation spot than this...”
The e-book begins with an creation that provides the context for the textual content. It keeps with the interpretation that's totally footnoted and comprises huge causes of the original language of this instructing. an in depth word list is incorporated in order that even the technical language might be totally understood. this article including Patrul’s function of the professional, excellent King, Dodrubchen’s concerning the 3 strains, and Zhechen Gyaltshab’s crucial issues of perform are steered as “must-read” texts for somebody doing any nice finishing touch perform and Thorough lower perform in particular.

We came across that the unique variation of the textual content as present in Dudjom’s accrued Works has many mistakes in it. for that reason, we made a brand new, right version that used to be checked via Gan Rinchen, the previous head of Dudjom Rinpoche’s centres within the usa.

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You put yourself right on who you are45 and then, because becoming distracted from that is actual confusion46, stay un-distracted from it. Whatever concept shines forth is put into rigpa shining forth and you do not follow after it nor do you attempt to stop it. ”” All appearances, however an object shines forth into appearance, are treated the same: not falling into grasping at them as items of appearance, similar to a child looking inside a temple, they are left in freshness whereby every dharma appears each in its own place without corruption due to manufacture, without change of colour, without loss of brilliance, but unspoiled by grasping concepts that would cling to it, so all known appearance shine forth as naked luminosity-emptiness wisdom.

Something could appear in many different ways, depending on the circumstances at the time and on the being perceiving it but, regardless of those circumstances, it will always have its own actuality of how it really is. The term actuality is frequently used in Mahåmudrå and Great Completion teachings to mean the fundamental reality of any given phenomenon or situation before any deluded mind alters it and makes it appear differently. Affliction, Skt. kleùha, Tib. nyon mongs: This term is usually translated as emotion or disturbing emotion, etcetera, but the Buddha was very specific about the meaning of this word.

Zhen pa: In Buddhism, this term refers specifically to the twofold process of dualistic mind mis-taking things that are not true, not pure, as true, pure, etcetera and then, because of seeing them as highly desirable even though they are not, attaching itself to or clinging to those things. This 46 ALCHEMY OF ACCOMPLISHMENT type of clinging acts as a kind of glue that keeps a person joined to the unsatisfactory things of cyclic existence because of mistakenly seeing them as desirable. Compassionate activity, Tib.

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