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This can be a huge amassing of first-person bills of the trauma of the Nineteen Thirties within the Heartland, accrued jointly and assessed via historians from the space of numerous many years. Many americans inform their tales during this publication concerning the dirt Bowl, arguably one of many maximum environmental failures ever to befall the U.S..


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1961), pp. 5051. First published in 1542. Narváez later was lost when he was swept overboard by a storm; but Cabeza de Vaca, after many adventures in the effort to join his compatriots in Mexico, returned home to Spain in 1537. Three months before he set foot on home soil, Hernando de Soto had been named governor of Florida, a post Cabeza longed for. The new governor was, like most of the big names in Spanish exploration, a veteran of earlier expeditions. He had followed Pedrarías de Ávila to the West Indies, served under him in Nicaragua (and eventually married his daughter, Doña Isabel), and had won great distinction under Pizarro in the conquest of Peru.

De Sauvol, the commandant at Biloxi, who had fallen sick, died there. M. de Bienville, who was with M. de St. Denis at the fort on the bank of the Missicipy, came down to see and took over the command of Fort Biloxi in the place of M. de Sauvol; and noticing that lack of water was the cause of the illnesses, he worked as fast as possible to move all the merchandise and the munitions from Fort Biloxi to the fort on the Mobile, where M. de Boisbrian, who was there, had already got the fort and the warehouses ready to hold everything securely.

They wanted to make preparations to sing the calumet of peace to M. d'Hyberville, but he told them that for the moment he did not have time to stop. He gave them several presents, anyhow, and left next day to go back down the Riviere de la Mobile. He took one of their chiefs with him to show him a spot on high ground, six leagues below their vallage on the right side going downstream. He told the chief he would order a fort to be built here and would have all the French come here to live. We then went down the river to the bay.

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