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U. at Kasfareet in Egypt. Despite the spares holdings being meant to be under lock-and-key, it seems that the unit managed to obtain what it needed by fair means or foul. The next few months saw each of the fighter squadrons contribute the requirements to fly Sunburn patrols, in addition to the routine pipeline and police post patrols. However, the heightened threat of a terrorist attack, in addition to the increasing effect of demobilisation on the squadrons’ strength, meant that guard duties were having a significant impact on the ground crews ability to produce serviceable aircraft.

At the end of the month two 208 Squadron aircraft escorted a Dakota carrying what was described as important cargo from Ein Shemer to Fayed. This was necessary due to the actions of the Royal Egyptian Air Force (REAF), whose aircraft had engaged a number of RAF aircraft around the El Arish area, following a declaration by their government that this was a prohibited area. These attacks had soured the relationship between the RAF and REAF, which had previously been quite cordial, and was to lead to serious consequences a few months later.

Crucially for British interests, the oil pipeline linking the oilfields in Iraq to the refineries at Haifa was sabotaged. With the conclusion of the war in Europe it proved possible to send further RAF reinforcements to the region to support Army units in maintaining an adequate level of security for British interests. In particular, a number of squadrons in Italy were sent to join 32 Squadron, which was located at Ramat David airfield in the north of Palestine, near Haifa. IX aircraft in early July.

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