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They function in the event of a large current caused by short circuit or fault. When a short circuit occurs, the fault current passing through the circuit breaker generates a magnetic field that attracts the magnetic trip device, thus actuating the breaker trip latch. This process typicaliy occurs within one cycle of the electrical power source and, thus, is considered instantaneous. Magnetic trip elements, depending on the breaker type and frame size, are either fixed or adju:,;table. For example, most thermal-magnetic breakers on MCCBs rated 250 amperes and above have adjustable magnetic trips.

For 480-Vac MCCs, FSARs for the older plants list continuous ratings on the order of 600 amps (with a 25,000-amp rms symmetric bracing for the horizontal bus) or 300 amps (with a 25,000-amp rms symmetric bracing for the vertical bus); MCCBs are indicated to have a symmetric minimum interrupting rating of 25,000 amps rms. FSARs for the newer phmts are similar to the older plants with continuous ratings of 600 amps (42,000-amp rms symmetric bracing for the horizontal and vertical buses) an,! MCCBs with a symmetric n-iinimum interrupting rating of 22,000 amp rms and a symmetric integral current iimiter rating of 14,000 amp rnls.

5 Miscellaneous Relays A relay is an electromagnetic device whose contacts are used in the control circuits of magnetic starters, contactors, solenoids, timers, and other relays. Figure 3-10 shows a typical control relay. Relays are mainly used for low-current control applications and function in the same manner as contactors, with the exception that contactors are for power applications. Relays are generally used to amplify the contact capability or multiply the switching functions of a remote switch or sensing device.

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