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It is confirmed by the many reasons for believing that have been worked out throughout the centuries, responding to the biblical challenge: “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope” (1 Pt 3:15). A. Characteristics of Christian Faith Total and Absolute 123. Already the Old Testament contrasted faith “in man in whom there is no salvation” with faith in “the Lord who made heaven and earth . . who shall reign forever” (cf. Ps 146:3,5-6,10; Jer 17:5-8).

But this obscurity which we experience even in our deepest human relations does not destroy faith’s firmness. We instinctively recognize that persons, and especially the all-personal God, can never be reduced to being “proven” by scientific experiment. B. Free, Yet Morally Obliging 146. Faith’s second paradox is that it is both free and morally obliging (cf. CCC 160). Our Christian Faith is a free response. No one, not even God, forces us to believe. God calls men to serve Him in Spirit and in truth.

PCP II 265). They claim that religion is a social pacifier, promising the poor and oppressed a heavenly reward if they only remain subservient now. Response 189. The help prescribed by PCP II to face this unbelief in “doing” our faith is a “Renewed Social Apostolate” towards “Social Transformation” (cf. PCP II Decree Arts. 15; 20-27; and PCP II Document 165-66; 256-329). To the Marxists we reply that Christ never promised a heavenly reward to “do-nothing” followers, (those who cry out “Lord, Lord”).

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