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By Guy Fouché, Trey Nash

Speeded up VB 9.0 is the quickest route to VB mastery. All VB programmers want to know and know the way VB quite works yet only a few books handle this. None conceal it within the intensity that this does. It teaches either center VB language recommendations and the way to take advantage of them in high-performance code. All programmers relocating to VB from any language or relocating as much as VB 9.0 from VB 2005 will locate this booklet worth paying for, studying, and utilizing as a reference.

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Next statement must be able to be converted to the iterator type. If the value being evaluated can be converted to the iterator type, VB performs the conversion implicitly. If the conversion fails, the For Each . . Next statement throws an InvalidCastException at run time. ToString()) Next ■Note Modifying an iterator variable, or passing it to a method, can make your code difficult to read and debug. You should treat the iterator variable as read-only. qxp 32 1/8/08 4:19 PM Page 32 CHAPTER 2 ■ VB 2008 SYNTAX Finally, the Exit For statement is used if you reach a condition in which you want to terminate execution of the loop early.

Allows you to define your types as nullable. The following code snippet demonstrates the current syntax and the new shortcut. Dim x As Nullable(Of Integer) Dim y As Nullable(Of Integer) Dim x As Integer? Dim y As Integer? qxp 10 1/8/08 4:18 PM Page 10 CHAPTER 1 ■ VB 2008 OVERVIEW Relaxed Delegates, Enhanced in VB 2008 Relaxed delegates extend and enhance the VB’s implicit conversions to delegate types. Using relaxed delegates allows you to omit arguments from event handlers. Click Option Infer Using Option Infer lets you specify whether VB should enforce type declarations for your types.

Length > 4 Then ValidTicker = False End If Return ValidTicker End Function Extension methods avoid the need to create a separate class, with a shared method, to validate the ticker symbol. Anonymous Types Using anonymous types, you are able to declare, define, and use types that the VB compiler will generate for you in the background. Anonymous types are able to infer field names and will create properties for these fields as well. LastName = "Fouche"} IntelliSense Everywhere When using extension methods and anonymous types, you will find that the VB IDE is aware of these types and methods.

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