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By Compiled and translated, with an introduction, by Sōiku Shigematsu. Foreword by Gary Snyder

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T^o food. One man's speech One pistil is a rapid stream; o f a plum blossom: The other's, Its fragrance fills the Billion Worlds. simple and artless. (63) (71) Hard to pick a handful Strolling together o f willow leaves the same path matching the wind, along the mountainside, Streaming Each eye sees over the jeweled different wind and mist. balustrade. (66) (72) A single moon One light, on the sea: a million lights, Light, l i g h t no limit. (70) (64) People from many houses (67) climb the pavilion.

169) (163) Fling the Dharma storehouse Outside void, open in your bosom inside void, And carry out inside-outside void; your o w n treasure! 46 (170) Gouge out Bring back every man's the dead! eyes! Kill the living! (171) (178) This brimming wine in the golden b o w l : Jump out Don't hesitate—drink it o f the word-twined cave. to the last drop! 2) (179) Heaven and earth Chill clouds shake and split; embrace the snow, making Mountains the twilight heavy; tumble and roll. The mountain moon lights a plum, purifying the night color.

76) Between snipe and clam the fight doesn't stop: One staff's blow, one scar's streak. Both fall into (77) the fisherman's hands. One true man o f no rank. I'll explain in detail (78) w h y Bodhidharma One blind man leads came to China: many blind men Listen to the evening Into the fire hole hand in hand. bell sounds. Watch (79) the setting sun. . For one thing, Where sun and moon to better the view cannot reach— o f this temple; There For another, is a wonderful sight. to build a guidepost for posterity.

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