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By Jiddu Krishnamurti, Allan W Anderson

At a time of remarkable outer switch within the political and social spheres, is there a primary internal switch that's demanded of every considered one of us? within the eighteen dialogues with Professor Allan W Anderson, Emeritus Professor of spiritual reviews at San Diego kingdom college. J. Krishnamurti exhibits that pinning our hopes on geared up faith, technological know-how, political ideology or the industry financial system not just fails to deal with uncomplicated human difficulties yet really creates them. They approach out of our problems, Krishnamurti states, can merely commence within the brain of every one in every of us, in an expertise of how we really understand existence, ourselves and others. Professor Anderson, all through those dialogues, refers to many passages of Western and japanese non secular scriptures that he believes were misunderstood and which in reality aid Krishnamurti's statements. The dialogues, reproduced in an edited and just a little abridged model during this ebook, happened at San diego nation collage from 18 to twenty-eight February 1974.

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That's what I mean. Avoidance. There are so many ways to avoid - clever, cunning, superficial and very subtle. All that is involved in avoiding an issue. So what we are trying to say, sir, isn't it, the observer is the past, as we said yesterday. The observer is trying to translate and act according to the past when the crisis arises. The crisis is always new. Otherwise it's not a crisis. A challenge must be new, is new, and always new. But he translates it according to the past. Now, can he look at that challenge, that crisis, without the response of the past?

A: Are you suggesting that this act is a waiting on the problem to reveal itself? K: To reveal. That's right! Therefore, I must be capable of looking at it. I cannot look at it if I've come to it with ideas, with ideations, with mentations, or every kind of conclusion. " I must learn from it, not learn according to some professor or some psychologist, some philosopher. A: That one has the capacity for this, some persons would... K: I think everybody has. Sir, we are so vain. A: But this doesn't mean anything for the doing, of the what must be done, that there is a capacity.

A: Yes. K: The idea that you should hit your mother is traditionally something incredible. And this boy did it. And I said, see what is the fact, we went into it, she understood. So to understand violence one has to understand division. A: The division was already there. K: Yes. A: Otherwise he would not have picked up the stick. K: Division between nations, you follow sir? A: Yes. K: This race for armaments is one of the factors of violence. Which is, I am calling myself American and he is calling himself Russian or Hindu or whatever it is, this division is the factor of real violence and hatred.

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