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This e-book is a primer in harmonic research at the undergraduate point. It provides a lean and streamlined advent to the critical suggestions of this pretty and utile thought. not like different books at the subject, a primary direction in Harmonic research is solely in keeping with the Riemann indispensable and metric areas rather than the extra difficult Lebesgue critical and summary topology. however, just about all proofs are given in complete and all significant recommendations are awarded essentially. the 1st target of this booklet is to supply an advent to Fourier research, prime as much as the Poisson Summation formulation. the second one objective is to make the reader conscious of the truth that either critical incarnations of Fourier thought, the Fourier sequence and the Fourier rework, are precise situations of a extra common conception coming up within the context of in the community compact abelian teams. The 3rd target of this booklet is to introduce the reader to the suggestions utilized in harmonic research of noncommutative teams. those innovations are defined within the context of matrix teams as a relevant instance.

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2 Let a < b be real numbers and let x = g( ) {I if a :::; x :::; b, 0 otherwise. Compute the Four ier transform §(x) . 3 Let 9 : lR ---+ C be cont inuously differentiable and satisfy the differential equat ion g'(x) = -21rx g(x). 5 Let f( x) = e- • Prove that for every n ~ 0 there is a polynomial Pn(x) such t hat D" f( x) = Pn(x) f( x) , and conclude from this that f( x) lies in S . 6 Let f( x) = e- x 2 • Compute f * f. 7 Let f E L~c(lR) , f > Y -I O. o. , such that there is T > 0, depending on I, such t ha t f( x) = 0 for [z] > T .

D. which impli es the claim. 2 Convolution Convolution is a standard t echnique that can be used , for example, to find smooth approximat ions of continuous fun ctions. For us it is an essent ial tool in the proof of the main theor ems of this chapter . Let L~c (1R) be the set of all bounded continuous functions f : IR --7 C satisfying Ilfll l ~f I: If( x)1 dx < 00 . , that for t, 9 E L~c(lR) and A E C we have • Pfll l = IAI Ilfll, • Ilflll = 0 {:? f = 0, and • Ilf + gill s; Ilflll + Ilglll ' CHAPTER 3.

D. The Poisson Summation Formula In this central section we bring together Fourier analysis on IR and on IR/Z to derive the beautiful and expedient Poisson summation formula. Let f sum : IR -7

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