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By Harry W Edwards; United States. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division

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Yet, in spite of this danger and rine was Lieutenant John Hamilton the many shortages caused by the (movie star Sterling Hayden), who war, there seemed to be a great spirit was awarded the Silver Star Medal honor to the grave of Elihu Yale, the Welsh founder of Yale University, who is buried in Wrexham. At the time of this author's arrival in July 1944, one month after the DDay landing in Normandy, London was a city of considerable devastation. German buzz-bombs were a The Marine Detachment, American Embassy, London, poses in Grosvenor Square in January 1945.

One of the most prominent members of the group was Marine Lieutenant Edward T. Dickinson, Jr. He was an expert on factories who was given the responsibility, prior to DDay, to develop plans for the sabotage of key factories in occupied Europe, and subsequently to pinpoint targets for destruction by guerrilla forces. the detachment commander, is on the left of the rear row, while PlSgt Floriano P. Sampieri, senior NCO, is on the right. 1 - ae" 31 e cC' There also was Lieutenant Colonel the celebration of V-E Day, on 8 May an theater over an historic five-year John M.

Was attached to the British Assault Force I with the 3d Canadian Division, which went ashore near Courselles-sur-Mer. This force landed at 0810 after a naval bombardment that lasted nearly two hours, and it was able to move rapidly inland with fairly light casualties. However, once the Germans were finally convinced Commander-in-Chief, Expeditionary Force, in time to make the landing in southern France, near St. Malo, as a member of Navy Task Force 125 on 29 August 1944. It was called Operation Dragoon.

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