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Kb1 Rxc3 Black reasoned that without this move his whole setup was pointless. bxc3 Rxh2 Grischuk was unsure about this move. In his opinion 17…d5 left Black with a better game and provided certain winning chances. c4 g6 23…Be7!? Bxe7 Kxe7 is probably even, but the text is no worse and sets a trap. Rh8?? Bd3 Bg7 = Now the evaluation turns to -+. cxd4 Bxe4+!? Definitely better is 27…Ne6, keeping the piece, but the text simplifies and is good enough to win, although not without technical difficulties.

Qa7! Na4 Nd7? Bg4! White’s position is better with the queens, but I decided to swap them. My advantage decreased, but my opponent no longer has winning chances. Nxa6 Black could safely resign here if it was not for some back rank mating threats, but this tactical element extends the struggle. Nd8? dxc5 Ke8! I checked it, but was afraid that I would not be able to win. Na4 Bd8 Black position is unpleasant and White can safely try various plans. Ra8 Kd7 Here I made a mistake as well. I wanted to play f3 and Ke2.

White maintained an initial opening advantage and pressed on queenside. The difference was in Black’s play. Korotylev defended very passively, while Kasparov managed to create sufficient counterplay. e3, but I used another idea. c5 In the Russia – China match I defeated Ni Hua with this strange-looking move. Bg4 is probably not the best. Qb3 with idea to break with a4 and use the b4-square for the knight. Nbd7 This is a good move. Sakaev once uncorked a plan with h3-g4 and even won, but it doesn’t look attractive to me.

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