"Because you've got better things to do than laundry!"

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1. pick a plan


pay as you go

-Trying us out?

-Overwhelmed with laundry and need a hand?


Our pricing per order is just $16 for the first load and $10 for each additional load.


-Hate doing laundry?

-Busy with work, kids, or other obligations?

-$1.00 off per load for senior citizens and disabled.

-Do you have better things to do
than laundry?

With a subscription, you get 2 pick-ups per month, and additional loads that go beyond your plan are just $10 per load!


2. schedule a time

Whether online or by phone

You can schedule pick-up and drop-off times that work around your busy life.


3. load it up


Load your dirty laundry into our EASY 1-load bags.
If you can fit it into our Little Laundry Bag without it overflowing or ripping,
it counts as one load. No weighing, no guessing what your bill will be!

4. we’ll pick it up


We’ll drive right to your door to pick up your laundry.

5. relax


We take care of your laundry while you enjoy your free time!

6. we deliver


Laundry will be delivered at the scheduled date and time, usually the next day.
Same day rush service is available for a small fee of $2.

7. enjoy!


Enjoy your clean clothes!
Be sure to keep our convenient Little Laundry Lady bags
nearby for your next order.



pay as you go







Hello. My name is Norma, the Little Laundry Lady.

I started a laundry business in 2012 because, simply, I enjoy doing laundry. I take pride in my work and will do your laundry according to your wishes. I am a non-smoker, and your clothes will only be handled by a non-smoker. You can enjoy your free time while we take care of your laundry for you. Your laundry will never be mixed with anyone else’s.




– Subscriptions –

How does your subscription service work?

With our subscription service, you will be given:

2 laundry pick-ups per month – These can be any time in the month and are flexible between months to work with your schedule.

Depending on the plan you choose, you will get 4, 8, 12, 16, or 20 loads per month. You can give us any number of loads per pick-up. For example, if you have the 4-load plan, you can give us 2 loads per pickup (x2 pickups), or any other combination.

When do I pay my monthly subscription?

We must receive your monthly payment when the first load is delivered back to you. We accept cash or check. Credit Cards will be accepted soon.

What if I don’t use all the loads for the month?

If you used our service but did not use all of your loads for the month, we cannot reimburse or roll over your unused loads. Treat the subscription like a no-contract cell phone plan. If you don’t use all your minutes (loads), you just get your minutes (loads) reset next month.

What if I need to take a month off?

That’s fine! Little Laundry Lady’s subscription service is contract-free. If you need to take a month off for any reason, just let us know. You will not be charged for that month.

What if I need to have more loads washed than my plan allows?

It’s simple. Extra loads beyond your monthly plan are just $10/load.


– Laundry Process –

What detergent and softener does LLL use?

Little Laundry Lady uses Purex Free & Clear detergent as well as Downy Free & Sensitive fabric softener unless otherwise stated or requested. Customers may request any detergent or softener. An additional surcharge may be added to cover costs of certain specialty detergents or softeners. Customers may provide their own detergent or softener if desired.

Whites will be bleached in hot water with Clorox bleach if requested at no extra charge.

Do I have to sort my laundry?

We will sort your laundry by color and fabric so it is all washed in the correct temperature.

What will LLL do with dry-clean-only clothes?

If we see a dry-clean-only tag, we will not wash the article of clothing unless given permission to do so. We will return it unwashed.

Little Laundry Lady is happy to bring your dry-clean clothes to a dry cleaner of your choice for a small fee.

We will try our best to read every tag and wash it accordingly, but we cannot be responsible for items that have not been marked with specific instructions. If you want a certain article washed a specific way, point it out to us on pick-up, over the phone or email, or attach a note to it with instructions.